- Aerospace Engineering Research pertaining to aircraft structure and performance including:                            

                                - strain gauge analysis     

                                - ADS-B Transponder research


Eagle Aero Sport’s research may be used in the future to make advances to low-end IMU system precision by utilizing the input of multiple IMU systems. Specifically, the system precision will be derived from more precise magnetometer readings and by using trigonometric analysis. This method should be able to approximate or replicate the accuracy of higher end systems. Eagle Aero Sport Team's research will help to create endless possibilities for future developments in airborne meteorological and aeronautical research as well as Unmanned Aircraft Systems research.


Engineering FAQ:

Q. What are strain gauges?

A. Strain gauges act as a resistor, a known voltage is applied to the strain gage and depending on if the gage is in compression or tension the resistance will change. The output voltage is taken and run through a computer program which is calibrated to convert the output voltage into a usable value of compression or tension.


Q. What do accelerometers measure?

A. Accelerometers measure the accelerations, which is the rate of change of the velocity of an object. They measure in meters per second squared or in G-forces. Additionally, they can be used to measure the vibrations of the system.


Q. What is the purpose of pressure taps on the wing?

A. The purpose of pressure taps is to measure the pressure distribution over the top and bottom of the wing. This data will allow for calculations of how much lift the wing is producing through various flight phases. Additionally, this data will show at what angle of attack will the airplane stall.


Q. What are alpha-beta sensors?

A. Alpha is the measurement of the angle of attack of the aircraft, how high up the nose of the airplane is pitched up. Beta is the measurement of the slide slip angle of the airplane, this is the difference between the direction the nose of the airplane to the direction of flight.


Q. What is the purpose of adding pitot tubes?

A. Adding pitot tubes will allow for independent measurements of the airspeed of the airplane without modifying the existing pitot tube. This independent airspeed will be used in all data analysis to provide a measurable characteristic associated with gathered data to allow for repetition of tests.


Q. How will the data be processed?

A. Data gathered will be recorded on the on board server, this data will be stored on the internal hard drive which will be downloaded and analyzed by the various teams. With an end goal of real time data relay to a ground station.


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