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EAS December 2018 Newsletter

Executive Board News:

The Eagle Aero Sport Team has settled into our new hangar! It has been wonderful getting to work on the RV-12 in a larger and more accommodating space. Eagle Aero Sport hosted a successful Einstein Bagels fundraiser during the month of November. We also had our annual end of semester dinner and it went extremely well! We discussed all the amazing accomplishments and advancements of the semester. We are proud of each of our hard working members on the team!

We would like to wish good luck to our team graduating team members. Thank you for all your hard work over the years. Additionally, from all of us at EAS, we hope that everyone has a happy holiday season! Finally, we would like to thank our generous donors. Without your support, we would not be able to work on such an amazing project. From every member, past and present, we thank you.

Build Team Update

The Build Team has made progress on the avionics installation, canopy installation, and permanently installed the tail surfaces. They have been especially thankful for the opportunity to work in our new aircraft hangar. We now have plenty of space to assemble the aircraft completely! The Build Team has been working with the Engineering Team to properly size the nut plates and rivets that the Structures Team will be using to attach their mounts in the wings. Next semester we intend to finish the avionics, run the engine, and fully skin the wings.

Engineering Team Update

The Structures Team temporarily installed the Beagle Bone Black Mounts into the wing’s ribs in order to locate the positions for permanent installation. However, the size of the mounts’ holes turned out to be smaller than expected, so the team has drilled new, smaller sized holes in order to fit the Beagle Bone Black boards.

The Aerodynamics Team installed the pressure taps onto the wing skin of the aircraft. Currently, the installed taps are located in the lower side of the skin as well as part of the upper skin. The remaining upper skin section will have the pressure taps installed once the skins are installed onto the wings permanently.

The Electrical Engineering Team ran tests with the pyrometer to test the ambient pressure read instrument. Additionally, the calibration code will be further tested. The aircraft code is still a work in progress and their current goal is to test the sensor data so that it can be sorted when it accesses the server.

All our engineering teams have been hard at work and each team has demonstrated an overall increase in productivity. Each team has made the progress needed to ensure that all the instruments are installed on the aircraft before the end of the winter semester.

Safety Team Update

The Safety team updated the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and are in the process of creating a quiz that members will be required to take in order to gain personal vehicle access to the flight line. They have been updating the important documentation for our new workspace including exit routes, fire extinguisher locations, and plans for items that are needed in the shop for next semester. The medical aid equipment was updated and rubber wheel stoppers were purchased to replace our old wood stops. This was done to remove safety hazards for our members as they will ensure the aircraft will not move.



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